<a href="">DeLorean (Intro) by Nike Nando</a>


What does DMG stand for?
A. DeLorean Music Group, DeLorean Media Group. Depends on what service your interested in.

What do you do?
We have our hand in numerous things in the entertainment business including: Photography, Graphic Design, Modeling and LAST BUT NOT LEAST Music/Entertainment.

Are you looking for any artists right now?
A: Honestly, we have our hands filled with our current artists & we're not interested in having a HUGE roster at this current moment. We're a indie and our budgets are not competing with larger indie companies. However, we do artist development & promotions and ARE looking for Staff such as; Engineers, Photographers, Models, Managers, etc. So if were interested you would have to contact us at our email with a demo/resume and someone will get back to you.

Who are your current artists?
A: Nike Nando is the flagship artist of DeLorean Music Group and we also work with Prince Akeem & Valleo (Vuh-Lay-Oh).